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About Domains will be a continuous work in progress with new information, articles, ideas, opinions, facts, overviews, reviews, articles, commentaries and vital stats concerning building and growing a project on the world wide web with the use of domains and hosting.

The process of creating positive and long term profiles on the Internet through the use of domains, hosting, emails, images and other digitized information is a never ending endeavor. There will never come a time when you will say, “I am through.” The beauty of a domain and hosting account is that it will provide needed safety and security for your creative content. Read more about this @ http://thewildcatseomaster.com

Creative Expression

The effect of a domain name, along with stable and reliable hosting, is relevant to website promotion and advertising. When one considers what all of this really means, the term creative expression comes fully into focus. Through the visualization and realization process, we are able to convey thoughts, ideas and innovations that we can express to others in a legitimate and credible manner. Domains and hosting on the web are all an integral part of this process.

New Site Features

In this section of About Domains, I will be adding new site features as we move along the journey towards enlightenment and insights concerning domains and hosting. I will try to list them as they appear on the homepage for easy reference.

The new feature for today is the addition of ICANN information towards the lower part of this section. Having researched and become familiar with ICANN over the years, the more involved with the chief domain authority in the Universe one becomes more aware of the importance, as well as the use of domain names.


The Global Stakeholder Engagement team is requesting participation in a short survey that will help determine future engagement strategies that better serve the ICANN community. The survey will run from 8-22 January 2019, with the GSE team planning to publish the results and analysis in late February 2019.

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